“The truth is what you perceive the truth to be. Change your story and you change your life…”

Do you feel it is time to make some shifts so that you can have the life that you imagine for yourself? Would you like to build your resources and coping skills? Do you want help in realizing your potential? In my Santa Monica based practice I use traditional and creative approaches to psychotherapy and, if appropriate, hypnosis, that speak to your specific issues, style, and needs so that you will see your confidence, awareness, and abilities growing in healthy ways that serve you. As we work together, you will notice yourself moving through this time and into your future with a sense of greater empowerment and the ability to make better choices for yourself.

Some of my specialities include Anxiety, Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Communication issues, Couples Work, Creativity/Creative Blocks, Depression, Dreamwork, Fibromyalgia, Increasing Joy, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Pain, Phobias, Pre & Post-Surgical Hypnosis, Public Speaking/Performance Anxiety, Smoking Cessation, Sleep problems, Stress Reduction, Test Taking, Weight Loss, and more.

Feel free to contact me, via email or telephone, for a short, complementary, introductory consultation to determine how I can help you. We can work together whether you are local to Southern California or via phone or skype.

About Dr. Dyan

dr dyanDr. Dyan Haspel Johnson is a nationally renown expert who runs a private hypnotherapy practice and helps her clients overcome chronic challenges including sleep issues, pain, health issues, anxiety, depression, motivation, couples work, life path and creativity issues, and general stress reduction.



I treat the following specialized issues:

Athletic Performance
Chronic Fatigue
Communication issues
Creativity/Creative Blocks
Increasing Joy and a Sense of Well-Being
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Medication Side Effects
Pre & Post-Surgical Hypnosis
Public Speaking/Performance Anxiety
Smoking Cessation
Sleep problems
Test Taking
Weight Loss
Dr. Dyan can be reached by email or phone



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