“The truth is what you perceive the truth to be. Change your story and you change your life…”


dr-dyanIn 1991, Dr. Dyan Haspel-Johnson earned her bachelors degree in design from Rhode Island School of Design, but in 1992 left the art field to work with a board certified Internist, Allergist/Immunologist in his Los Angeles area holistic medical practice. She found that she loved working with patients in the healing field so she entered the Humanistic oriented Saybrook University and, in 2000 completed her Ph.D. with an emphasis on Mind- Body- Spirit Psychology. In 1995, while still in graduate school, Dr. Dyan was trained in hypnosis and began working consistently with patients using hypnosis in the just mentioned medical setting. Her training and extensive work with patients led her to develop an original hypnosis protocol for fibromyalgia patients that she used successfully in her post-doctoral work at UCLA in the Behavioral Medicine clinic and is one of the techniques she continues to use in her own practice. Dr Dyan’s professional philosophy is based on individual coaching. In other words, she approaches her therapy work with you without preconceptions or an agenda about what it means to “heal.” She places an emphasis on communication and focuses on bringing an individual’s personal core values to the forefront of their lives. In this respect, Dr. Dyan sees herself as a facilitator. She hopes to actively help you build your own resources by using life’s challenges as opportunities for learning, becoming stronger, and healing in whatever way is right for you.

Dr. Dyan now practices privately in Santa Monica full-time after having worked part-time for over 20 years at Portner Medical Corp., a holistic medical practice specializing in Internal medicine and Allergy/Immunology. She co-founded the Los Angeles Erickson Society and is a Past President and Past VP of Programs for the Southern California Society for Clinical Hypnosis; she is also an Approved Consultant for the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis.