“The truth is what you perceive the truth to be. Change your story and you change your life.”


Have you ever been driving on the freeway, listening to music, or so lost in thought that you don’t even notice your exit? Or, while out to lunch or dinner with someone, been so engrossed in the conversation that all of the background noise seems to fade away and the hours seem like only minutes have passed? Or perhaps you are surfing the internet, reading a great book, watching a riveting movie and you are so focused that the time slips away and you almost feel as though you are part of that story that you are attending to? Maybe you are an athlete and you are playing a game and feel as though you are “in the zone” and all of your movements are automatic and it feels great? I have just described everyday hypnotic states.

Hypnosis occurs naturally for each of us and we enter into hypnotic states regularly. Because it is an altered state of consciousness, people often expect that it will consistently feel very foreign or that they might do things under hypnosis that they would not normally do. Unfortunately, the stage hypnosis that people often see at parties or on college campuses supports this belief system, though that is one kind of hypnosis and is not one that is used by health care professionals and it is certainly not used by me.

The hypnosis that I do with and teach clients works towards specific goals and for therapeutic benefit. Everyone can be hypnotized, though I employ different techniques for those who enter more readily into trance than for those who are less susceptible by nature.

The trance state occurs easily and to different degrees. It has to do with the focus of attention and the openness of the client to the experience. In the past decade, researchers have used brain scans to demonstrate activity that occurs under hypnosis that does not occur in the same way under other types of therapy or discussion. With hypnosis, the brain, spinal and supraspinal (above the spine) areas have been shown to be activated or deactivated in ways that are physically and therapeutically beneficial. In plain terms, this means that something happens under hypnosis that facilitates healing in a way that does not occur in the same way using other types of treatment.

Hypnosis can be seen as a powerful tool to improve health, happiness, and well being in many circumstances. It is easy to learn and use, is cost effective, and is empowering.

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