“The truth is what you perceive the truth to be. Change your story and you change your life.”


My goal is to help you through an issue while, at the same time, assisting you in building your tools to improve your own problem solving skills for the future.


I provide therapy and support for a range of issues. Generally, I meet with clients once per week, although depending on your needs, we may decide to meet more or less often. Sessions usually run for a 50 minute hour with the initial session scheduled as a double session lasting for 1 hour and 40 minutes to allow ample time for us to discuss your basic history and devise a general treatment plan. I work with some clients very short term, to resolve a specific issue, help build skills in a particular area, or to offer support and guidance during a transitional period. With other patients, we work for much longer. Your needs and goals guide the course of the counseling duration and approach.

I work with adolescents, adults, and the elderly. I also provide couples counseling.


I treat individuals with hypnosis for both general and specific reasons. Some clients want to use hypnosis for general relaxation, to decrease stress or anxiety, to increase joy or well-being, or for more control over the mind-body-spirit interaction. Others request hypnosis for a more focused cause such as to improve the outcome of a medical problem or surgery, to deal with public speaking, taking a test, a specific fear or phobia, weight loss, etc.

I make clients an approximately 20 minute long hypnosis recording in almost all cases. I sometimes see clients only for hypnosis and am usually able to make the recording within 4-6 sessions. I also often teach clients self-hypnosis techniques that are quick and effective that can be used anytime, throughout the day. I design my hypnotic inductions specifically for each individual.

Couples Work

I have worked extensively with couples over the years and have recognized that there are often two major areas that need to exist in relationships in order for individuals to reach their potential both separately and as partners: I help couples to examine their core values in order to bring greater harmony to the relationship and to assess compatibilities and differences; I also work with couples to develop communication skills. I support relationships by teaching individuals how to differentiate between needs and wants, to communicate with greater effectiveness to build intimacy, and so that the partnership supports both parties in reaching their highest potential, and to resolve issues at a foundational level to build strength, compassion, and empathy.
Mindfulness and Meditation

I have studied multiple methods of meditation and mindfulness. If appropriate and desired I teach clients various methods of self-relaxation techniques ranging from meditational breathing, visualization strategies, and classical mindfulness.

Dream Work and Interpretation

I have been working with dreams and dream interpretation for over two decades. Just to name some of the methods that I use, I have studied Jungian dream interpretation, Progoff’s journaling techniques, Eriksonian hypnotic language with dreams, and the Ullman dream technique that I utilize in a monthly dream group that I lead.

Working with dreams can be a powerful way of better understanding oneself and seeing unconscious motivations and life in a deeper way.


I offer consultation with other therapists, particularly on mind-body-spirit issues. I am an American Society of Clinical Hypnosis Approved Consultant and provide individual and small group supervision hours towards ASCH Certification. I also consult on specific cases and strategies.


I was one of the first, and youngest, Reiki Masters, initiated in the US in the early 1980’s. I am a member of the Reiki Alliance and teach all levels of Reiki individually or in group classes on an ongoing basis. If you have a group who wishes to learn Reiki, I will put together a class for you.


dr-dyan-picDr. Dyan Haspel-Johnson Ph.D. co-founded the Los Angeles Erickson Society and is a Past President and Past VP of Programs for the Southern California Society for Clinical Hypnosis; she is also an Approved Consultant for the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis

Dr. Dyan can be reached by email or phone